Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LILAC Project Invites Participants

We are looking for students at Georgia Southern University to participate in an IRB-approved research study being conducted by Dr. Janicr R. Walker and Dr. Adrienne Blackwell-Starnes.  Please see the flyer at http://personal.georgiasouthern.edu/~jwalker/LILAC/LILAC.pdf for complete information.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

IRB Application (finally!) submitted!

I have (finally!) submitted the IRB application for a pilot study of the LILAC Project at Georgia Southern University.  Adrienne (Katt) Blackwell-Starnes has also joined me as Co-Investigator on the Project.

I will be presenting on the LILAC project at CCCC in St. Louis this spring, on a panel with Rebecca Moore Howard and Sandra Jamieson of the Citation Project, and I have been invited to submit an article for Sandra and Tricia Serviss's upcoming book collection (and Katt has agreed to co-author it with me!).

I have also received approval from my Department Chair to purchase/borrow the following equipment and software for the pilot study when approved by the IRB:

2 - laptops (one will be kept in my office, and one in Katt's)
2 - licenses for Camtasia Studio software (to be installed on laptops)
2 -  headsets with microphones
1 - 2T external hard drive

I've posted a copy of the IRB application to the LILAC Wiki, along with the sample videos I posted previously, and a draft of a forthcoming article on the LILAC Project.  After the pilot study, I hope to pursue grant funding to expand the study; I'll be sure to post any information/applications for that as well.

Exciting times!